Conference Presentations


Assessing academic English with a localised test for international admissions purposes

Paper presented at the 16th EALTA Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

Assessing speaking at B2 with a checklist

Paper presented at the UPRT Conference, Pécs, Hungary.


Assessing academic English among Central European students for UK University admissions

Poster presented at the Language Testing Forum 2018 Conference, Luton, UK.

A truly special examination: A case study of a local exam development project

Paper session presented at the 13th UZRT Conference, Zagreb, Croatia.


Developing a level-specific checklist for assessing writing

Paper session presented at the 14th Annual EALTA Conference, Sèvres, France.


Lost in translation: A local interpretation of mediation

Paper session presented at the 2nd CEFR EALTA SIG Meeting, Valencia, Spain.

Motivation and attainment in English for tourism among university undergraduates

Poster presented at the 13th Annual EALTA Conference, Valencia, Spain.


How a CEFR-linked test of ESP can inform educational policy

Paper session presented at the 12th Annual EALTA Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.


How not to use the CEFR: Forced alignment is not equation

Paper session presented at the 11th Annual EALTA Conference, Warwick, United Kingdom.

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